debug output extension : is it working ?


For many years I thought OpenGL error system is not really practical. And, when I saw the debug output extension I began to dream about a super error system :slight_smile:
So I try to use it (currently on a gtx 275, with 260.89 driver on windows vista 64). But I can’t have any error reported through this system.

I create a core profile context, I have errors (glGetError say it), and a call back is set (getPointerv return a non null pointer), but my call back is never called…

What can I do?

ref :

AFAIK this extension was promoted by AMD, so nVidia might not really implement it, at all.

And even on ATI cards, as far as I know, right now it only reports the current errors (INVALID_OP, INVALID_…) and does not yet include more detailed information, but I could be wrong.

Also I think you need to create a debug-context, otherwise that extension might be disabled (ie. never called).


Yes my context is a debug context. If not the extension is not even present.

nVidia implement it and it works but it doesn’t seem to give more information than what glGetError gives.

You need to create your context with the debug flag to see the extensions.

Despite GL_AMD_debug_output, AMD still doesn’t support this extension which is quite unfortunate…

Maybe this would help:—tutorial-05

It worked even with the first beta drivers supported GL4.1.