dear Moderator : dorbie...

my question was not off topic and was openGL related even though i didnt completely spell it out for you. i have to use the win32 environment for the openGL app i am working on. iostream is already included. i was simply asking how to bring up an interactive console environment in the win32 mode NOT the basic console environment. thanks for being so understanding and locking the thread, i appreciate it.

I’m sorry, but a question “how to load jpegs” is also not on-topic. If you app uses Opengl, it doesn’t mean that all your questions are OpenGL related.

my question was directly linked with an openGL app i am working on, not like just loading jpegs. how to have console with ur openGL program with both a win32 environment and console interaction makes it opengl related and its not an everyday occurence such as loading jpegs or a specific C/C++ question. maybe dorbie would like to explain how “2 questions about PCI express” or “cutting away parts of a model” is more openGL related that my question since those was never locked. nevermind though i got a lead from another forum who alos has mods and they were more than open about giving me the lead so i am at the link now looking over it and pretty sure i have found my answer. if anyone else wants to do this they can contact me if interested. i hope the mods wont turn into trigger happy around here.

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Come on, you KNOW it was off topic, and has nothing at all to do with the openGL API.

This is a windows question.

Hmmm… OT by association

Everything I say can be associated to OpenGL one way or the other, I just have to phrase it right!

Moreover this is an advanced forum. Don’t let it bother you too much, just consider the feedback next time you post.

I understand that you perceive this as on topic but it is a very basic generic windows question and applies to all windows programs, comparrisons are pointless, moderators may not read all threads and may consider stuff topical for any number of reasons. It’s not an insult it’s not a big deal, it’s just OT. I did answer before closing. One of the reasons I closed is I want to avoid inevitable debates we’ve had in the past EVERY TIME something is mentioned as OT. Whether it’s someone saying it’s not OT when it obviously is or someone else chiming in that it’s too harsh to simply mention a thread is OT.

Merely commenting that a thread is OT is completely counter productive and simply makes the problem of noise worse. For this reason I closed the thread not out of a lack of consideration for you, but out of consideration for forum users.

It’s still my intent to mark OT threads as OT and close them in future as a better alternative to deleting (and perhaps answer them if I can as a courtesy, although I have mixed opinions on that one). If you have feedback on this email me or the administrator. If you have a better suggestion let me know.

Since this thread is about me and about moderation, I daren’t moderate it. Hopefully we can avoid too many of them. Moderation is about S/N ratio afterall.

If you have complaints about moderation I hope you will email the moderator and/or the webmaster, please don’t start threads about moderation.

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It was definately off topic.

There are different “degrees” in the off-topic-ness. Some threads are very off topic, some are less, and might be ok. For example, i’d consider scene-graph questions to be lightly off-topic, as they are somewhat related to graphics rendering. Or if you had asked how to draw a console in 2D in OpenGL, it would have been somewhat ok (although not advanced). But just speaking about “bringing up an interactive console environment” suggests more about user input and data structures, than rendering… and that is 100% off topic. Just my thoughts.


Thanks for the support guys, but let this thread die, it’s noise.

If you have any feedback on moderation email me.