I have some simple programs using OpenGL to show 3D worlds (they’re all very simple).
Does anyone know what I can do when my program stops drawing and write “DDERR_SURFACELOST” in the output window of Microsoft Visual Studio ?
Thanks :rolleyes: :confused:

It appears that the driver uses DirectDraw to manage the OpenGL textures and for some reason the DirectDraw surface becomes invalid and needs to be restored.

You did not provide all that much info to work with, but I wouldnt be surprised if you uploading the same textures over and over again until OpenGL runs out of texture ram.

This problem happens when someone gives me “Remote Assistance” from another computer.
My control goes black and in the Output Window I see “DDERR_SURFACELOST” some times.
The application goes on normally but I can’t see anything.
If I close my application and restart it before disconnecting the Remote Assistance it starts normally and it runs OK.
I suppose that I need to restore DirectDraw but … can I interact with DirectDraw while OpenGL libraries already do it ? And how ?

Ahhh “Remote Desktop”… No you cant do anything, its either a display driver or Windows related problem.

The former is more likley though.

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