D3D to OpenGL Wrapper

Well thats is one and only thing that I am looking fore, A Wrapper for D3D->OGL. I found a lot of OGL->D3D wrappers, but thats just wrong. Couldn’t find one for D3D->OGL. DiretX SuX, OGL is much better, (especialy on my Diamond Viper II Savage 2000). Outside that OpenGL should be imbraced my MS, they should just drop DirextX all together. Especialy once OpenAL (Open Source Audio Library, I think that’s the name) comes out. And then we can call it OpenX heheh.

ogl might be better for graphics, but it does NOT cover all the other bases that DirectX currently does… joystick/audio/etc


He was talking about Direct3D, not DirecX. Joystick and audio does not belong to Direct3D.

A D3D to OpenGL wrapper would be a nightmare to code, mainly because of D3D being COM orientated. You’d have to wrapper all the previous D3D interfaces (including the ones available when DDraw and D3D were separate!).
Jeez louise, I couldn’t imagine a more frustrating project to undertake. Direct3D is crap, but it looks like we’re stuck with it because of the advent of the xbox.