custom points?

I am the guy that asked for solutions of blur edges on polygons. Let me illustrate my situation more clearly.

I am using glutPartialDisk() to draw a concentric circle with multiple arcs.
I don’t know the coordinates of each arc, so I can’t use the method of drawing into small textures then magnify them to get blur edges (the example can be found at nehe’s lesson 36).

I am thinking if I could define custom points in OpenGL. If I could define a blured brush point and set it to the default point (something like set the width of a point), then I don’t have to touch any existing code.

I know define a custom point is possible, one of the example in “OpenGL SuperBible” has already demonstrated that. A point is defined by a 2d float array with alpha values. And it is drawn to the screen if left button is pressed.
Is it possible to set this kind of data to a default point?

“Is it possible to set this kind of data to a default point?”

Not really. There are “point-sprites”, which are billboard-like points of varying size that can even be textured, but I’m not sure how that would fit into your problem. In fact, I’m not quite sure what your problem is, aside from the content of your previous post, in which several options were proposed. You didn’t say whether those ideas were agreeable one way or the other, so I can only assume that you either didn’t read their responses or didn’t find them useful in your particular problem. In either case, I have nothing to add.