current state of glext.h

i’m currently using glext.h with #define GL_GLEXT_VERSION 6
but it has quite a lot of “forgotten” extensions there in. and so i can’t initialise them directly but have to add them myself (wich i can do,sure…)… now my question is, are there some others out yet officially, supporting more extensions?

now what extension?
this is the logfile of me (automatically nice formated nice, not?) and as you can see, a lot of the extensions “failed”. i use glh_init_extensions from nvidia to initialise the extensions…

i’m not even sure if i need the unsupported extensions at all but i’m just interested… (i mean, the GL_ARB_texture_env_dot3 and those ARE supported with help of GL_VERSION_1_2 i guess…)

I have the same problem with glh_init_extensions not working correctly with some extensions. I still havnt typed in all of the stuff i need to for some of the extensions to work yet, i guess i should so i can actually use them.


>>i’m currently using glext.h with #define GL_GLEXT_VERSION 6<<

version number ±12 (not exactly sure of the exact number) is out (perhaps time to upgrade?)

i never found out where to find the newest glext.h… funnily its the glext from the newest nvidia demos… if you know the link i would be very happy… (or drop me a mail )

I use glext.h file that was updated on 2002/03/22,version 11.I get it from web page.At the moment it seems that there is old version of web page on SGI site, probably due to server move.
On a new page there was 25 ARB extesions and
266 non-ARB extensions.I dont know who to contact about this.I mail headers davepermen.
Hope this helps.

yes, the glext.h wich has all those exts in would be damn cool
thanks for the files, but in fact they changed nearly nothing…

I’ve given up with glext - I’m back to using my own system. The only reason I had to bother with it in the first place was because nvparse depended on it externally, but now I’ve edited nvparse to use my glext equivalent dll, it all works fine.
My system queries the registry webpage to build its header/body, including #defines, entry points, etc. So long as the registry is kept up to date, I’m laughing!

just checked yeah strangely the new version of glext.h aint at the registry

daveperman from your logfile
GL_NV_vertex_array_range2 failed

true the extension aint in the version 6 of the glext.h
but it certainly is in version 8

Originally posted by SirKnight:
I have the same problem with glh_init_extensions not working correctly with some extensions.


to enable more opengl functions you should using the extgen tool in a glh subdirectory. There is a text file which lists the extensions and the corresponding function names. The extgen tool generates the glh_genext.h file which contains the code for glh_initextensions. If you glh_genext.h file doesn’t support the function names of the extensions, glh_iniextensions will fail.
I hope this can help you