Culling of unwanted polygons or quadratics

Hi, I noticed that for quadratics, there are various glu commands like gluCylinder, gluSphere, etc… There is also gluDisc and gluPartialDisc, but what if I want to draw a ‘partial’ cylinder or sphere? is there something similar to gluPartialDisc or do I have to do culling?

For general culling, what is the proper command and method to go about doing it? Can anyone give me any pointers? thanks!

Hi !

Most of the glu primitives are pretty simple and does not support any more complex stuff, but if you want to create your own partial cylinder it is pretty simple, if you can do a circle you can do a cylinder, and if you can do a circle you can do a partial circle… (sin,cos)

You can always have a peek at the how glu does it, download the source code for Mesa and have a peek.


Hi, Thanks for replying!!

but do you know where I can download the source for glu? I am a newbie, and is not that proficient in coding as yet.

Hi !

You can find the source code for Mesa at:

And the SGI OpenGL sample implementation can be found at:


Hi, thanks for the help! I’ll look through the websites!