Cubemaps with ortho rendering

I have a map editor that displays a large number of objects, disitrbuted over a very large 3D world. The editor has the option of viewing any viewport with several rendering modes, including wireframe and textured.

I am looking for a way to render cube maps in ortho rendering, that just looks good. The cube map should not change size with z-position of the object. I tried disabling GL_TEXGEN_R, but that did not have the desired effect.

In this image, once object is near the origin, and one is high up. I want them to appear the same way in the top view on the right, but the higher object’s cube map is “zoomed in”:

is this a bad idea to render cubemap faces as 2d textures? once i use this method in order to show all faces of cubemap on cube which can unfold.

That’s a good idea, I could just render one face of the cube map as a TEXTURE_2D.