Cross-platform Setting Cursor Position

Hi all,
I am developing a game using OpenGL and GLUT(fps), but I am facing a problem with the mouse cursor. The player rotates around based on the mouse cursor movement on the screen. The problem is, once the mouse reaches the screen border, the player can’t turn anymore.

Now, my question is, is there a cross-platform way to reset the cursor position? (i know i can use #include <windows> and use its functions, but I don’t want to include windows because it’s bulky and not cross-platform)


Use GLFW instead of GLUT.
Much more game-oriented than glut, and still cross-platform.

Thanx Zbuffer.
I went through the GLFW Reference Manual and I found exactly what I was looking for!

The function is:
glfwSetMousePos( int xpos, int ypos )

Thanx again! :slight_smile:

GLUT has glutWarpPointer too…

I guess as I am half way through development using GLUT, am gonna stick to it and use glutWarpPointer(), but am definitely switching to GLFW for future projects.
Thanx, all!