Crimelife is looking for Programmers and Artists

The Crime Life team is looking for some people in the following subjects:

  • Concept Art ( 2 concept artist needed)
  • Modeling ( 2 modelers needed)
  • Animation ( 2 animators needed)
  • Level Design ( 3 Level Designers

Then we are looking for programmers in the following subjects:

  • OpenGL 3D Engine Programming
  • OpenGL GFX Programmer(capable of implementing it in our Engine)
  • People able of implementing Python as an AI language in our game engine, and create a scripting language.

Some stuff about our project now:
We are creating a mafia like game, we are developing our own 3D engine, we are going fast but not enough, thats why we need some more people, we are also about to start doing a scripting language, and implement Python, so we would need someone that could do only that to speed things up.
We are looking for some skilled level designers, being able to adapt rapidly to any kind of tools since we are developing our own, Texture Creation is a BIG PLUS.

The Concept Artists should be able to create 3-5 concepts a week, and send them by the internet quickly, texture creation is a BIG plus.
The Modelers/Animators again should be “fluent” with many tools and being able to adapt to any. Here Texture creation is IMPORTANT(especially for Modelers.

This is a non payed job for the moment, but we hope we will be able to present a demo to publishers and then maybe we can start dreaming!
If you are interested in any of the position above, or think you could help us in any other kind of thing, then mail me:
Note: We are a hobbiest team, since we are working over the net. We are although trying to be as serious as possible and getting the job done
Thank You
No Flaming Please
Daniel Swann


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Please, you’ve been polluting flipcode and gamedev, can’t you at least keep that board clean ? It’s so annoying to visit many sites and see the same post everywhere…!


This kind of thing really annoys me. I don’t like comming to a message board to either get help or help others and see job ads spammed all over. There are web sites dedicated to post job applications and “we the people” know about these places and will go there if we wish to look for a job. Message boards that are supposed to be for discussion about some topic or for getting help about about that topic, like this board, are not meant for job ads to be spammed all over them. Now maybe if the site has a news section on the front of the page, like this site, flipcode, gamedev, etc, then that is the only place something like this should be mentioned. Not the boards unless there is a board that’s made just for this kind of thing.

There’s my rant for the day.

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well then the moderator can delete this post if he wants

Originally posted by daniel_swann:
well then the moderator can delete this post if he wants

AFAIK, there is no moderator so it’s up to the users to let anyone know when they’ve done something inappropriate.