Creating Tiles


I am a beginner in OpenGL just learning the technology.

I am trying to figure out how to load an
extremely large bmp. I just want to show a
portion of the BMP file at a time, so instead of
loading the whole file as a texture I want to
load the desired portion. I believe the way to do this is to load the file as tiles. Does this
seem like a good approach, or is there a better
faster way to load only part of a BMP file to load as a texture. I was thinking maybe I can
load the file as 1024x1024 tiles and then
putting these tiles on a quad.

Where can I find a good tiling tutorial, I have
already read the one, I would
like to read up on this some more, any

Any input will be appreciated.

For that you will need to make your own BMP loader. Simply open the file and parse it. While you are parsing it you can do whatever you want with the datas. I know some people on these forums have done their owne BMP loader so I hope one will see your message to help more.


Thanks for the info, I’ll look into writing my
own loader. And like you said hopefully someone
who has already came across this problem will

Once again thanks for the info.