Creating primitives by hand any tuts?

hi its ok using glu primitives and such but i would like to create them by hand i mean is there any guide for this? i know how to create a rounded cube for example (each side would be a quarter of a cylinder and each corner a 1/8 of a sphere i guess) but how to put all this together is my problem im not very used to opengl yet so im not experienced on all this

is there any guides regarding the creation of sphere s cylinders and such primitives by hand?


I don’t know how to create complex shapes with only gl commands, but it’s easy with a modeler like milkshape.

Thanks for the tip
it obviously is easy but my idea was to be able to dynamically generate the primitives at any rate of quality - - subdivisions !!

i could have some data types of basic shapes and then apply the subdivision dynamically but thats not what i want i just want to create during runtime any type of primitive like a sphere a cylinder etc for other tipes of geo i already made the generators but the spheres and the so are too hard imo because i dont understand very well how i should generate the faces with a triangle fan i do know how to place the vertices thouhg

i dunno how to search for this on the net if i put “sphere generation + opengl” i only find examples of creating a sphere with GLU !!! thats obviously not what im looking for

jeesh i wish i had at least a simple tutorial or book about this because its after all something basic that i should learn but at leat i njeed a pointer to start!!!