Creating Games Using Vulkan API


My name is Josh. I’m new here and i’ve been considering starting my own development project(s) for quite some time. I’ve done my homework on the differences of API’s and watched comparisons of runtimes of Vulkan vs DirectX12. I’m excited to see development pushing the limits of hardware further. I’m interested in pushing gaming to the next level(ie crysis style), but I’m starting from scratch. I’ve already started a storyboard and am brainstorming on ideas for a game, or games, that i could release as modules and use to build a masterpiece from. Some of my ideas have been just sitting, waiting to be tapped for many years now.

I’m good at digging into code and messing with pre-built engines, and i’ve created my own “mods” per-se just by messing with game files for fun, but i’ve never released them publicly as they’ve always been for my own enjoyment. I have collegiate experience in C++, C, Java, Python, etc. I know there isn’t a lot of information or examples to learn from regarding the Vulkan API because it is pretty new.

Part of the reason i have Vulkan in mind is because i recognize there are a lot of people who do not want to upgrade to windows 10 simply to play a game(because of DX12). Hell, i’m still using windows 7 because 10 is garbage. Its our job, the gaming community, to develop games that we want to see set the bar higher than has been in the past. I also know that developing a triple AAA title requires whole teams of people to develop, for this reason i know it will take me a long time develop by myself.

My long term goal is to slowly develop a game over a long period(10 years for example). Here are possible ways i’m considering approaching.
-release modules; end result is to combine them and have a fully functioning game(an idea inspired by star citizen’s development schedule)
-release small games, app-like, and build a portfolio, then develop a AAA-style title using knowledge gained
-build an engine(similar to unreal engine); use said engine to create a game

What i want to be implemented:
-1 to 1 size ratio; ie 1 meter is equivalent to 1 meter IRL
-random universe seed(to simplify development process through planet/terrain generation)
-realistic physics
-dynamic model physics(thigh jiggle anyone?;))
-terrain and model deformation(possibly voxel…undecided)
-4k resolution(including 4k textures)
-ray tracing

I think the best thing to begin with would be a first-person shooter module because i could build off of that, but its hard to say what would be the most efficient use of my time. I’m reaching out to experienced game devs on this. What would be the best way to get started with programming games with the Vulkan API? What modeling software would work best with Vulkan(Blender?)? Are there any programs that would help to protect from project ending mistakes(such as a program that you use to check-in and check-out individual files and roll-back files to previous, working versions). Any suggestions?

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