Creating dynamic geometry in real time

Hi there,

I am working around a parallel simulator, where at each 30 seconds my OGL code will receive a new state for a set of geometries. Some objects will change the color, other the scale, some will have to be included in the scene other need to be excluded, or change its position, etc. My parallel simulator is in C++, in this way I would be tend to use OGL, I am using critical section.

My question is, someone know where could I found a simple tutorial/code with some example on such idea. I know that in Java3D you have some or another methods to do such task. In OGL I haven’t any idea.

Thnx in advance…§:0),

Hi !

It’s no big deal, OpenGL is a pipeline rendering engine so you have to send all the geoemtry to it each frame anyway you just put in some code to handle the swithing of geometry in there.


Do u’ know some simple example, or where could I found it ? Thnx in advance…§:0).