Creating and saving multiple images in OpenGl

Hi everyone,
I need some help. I have to run a simulation where I have to create and save an image after regular intervals of time sequentially so that I can join those images to make a movie.

glutCreateWindow(“XYZ”) creates only one window at a time and also cannot be saved.

So can anyone tell me -

  1. How to save an OpenGl image.
  2. How to create multiple images.

I am really a beginner …so please bear with me if my questions r very stupid.


Have you tried glReadPixels()?

Thanx for the prompt reply!

But I am sorry I am not very well versed…cud u plz elucidate…i tried to read what
glreadpixels() meant…but i didnt understand

shud it be used with glcreatewindow() or is it an inependent function…and where do i name the different images so that they r in sequence?

Have a look at the fine documentation, particularly the red book (the OpenGL Programming Guide). GlReadPixels is what you use to save a screen buffer into memory so you can then save it to disk.