Creating and Importing Models to Render

I am curious about importing a created model from 3dSMax3.1 into an OpenGL program.
What is the most popular filetype to save my created model as?
What is the process of openning this file and drawing/rendering it in my program?
Example code is much appreciated, email is cool too.

Have you checked out They have a list of 3d formats you can browse. I’m thinking that 3ds is your best bet. It’s a popular format, and you can find lots of documentation (not to mention it is a “native” format).


Does the 3ds format really have lots of documentation? I only know of two docs, one about 3ds files and one about material chunks also included in the files. Dunno, could need some more info for the keyframer chunk, didn’T get it right yet.

any other suggestions? anyone?

check this post

and do a search for 3d studio on all the discussion forums