creating a help menu in the titlebar of the window

Hi all

I would like to add a help function to my application written in C++ and OpenGL, so that the user can choose this from a drop down menu from the window of the application.

any ideas??

And which operating system are you talking about?

Windows 2000

More importantly, how do you create your window? Glut, Win32 API, MFC, etc… however you create your menu is going to depend on how you create your window.

It’s really not an OpenGL question, because OpenGL doesn’t have anything to do with your menu bar. It would only be an OpenGL question if you were to do something such as displaying a graphical menu in the window’s client area, but that doesn’t sound like what you’re talking about.

And even if you were rendering the menu itself with OpenGL, you’d still need to handle mouse events, which again is not an OpenGL thing. It’s a window event thing.

Sorry if my answer seems vague, but questions w/o much detail get vague answers.