creating a few VBO-sharing QGLWidgets in JOGL

I’m trying to share create four QGLWidgets with the same GL3 context so I can share a VBO between them. I’ve been doing this for a while with just one widget, but it wasn’t shared with the others. QGLWidget has a sharewith parameter, which from what I understand automatically shares the contexts between them, but I’m not sure how compatible that is with JOGL.

I’m also confused about when the context is actually created. In some examples it says to create the context in initializeGL. I’m not sure if that means I have to update the first widget before I can create the secondary widgets (passing the sharewith paremeter the first created widget with a current context).

Can anyone provide me with a simple example to get this functioning? I just need to create multiple context-sharing GLWidgets that all run off a GL3 profile.