Creating a bounding box....

I’m trying to create a bounding box around the camera.

The camera moves along a cubic spline and the Up-Vector is NOT a constant 0,1,0 ; it dynamically changes every frame depending on the slope of the curve.

I tried to get PHI(yaw) & THETA(pitch) from 2 consecutive points on the curve, but the bounding box loses orientation when the curve turns around 180 degrees.

– So whats the best way to create a bounding around a moving camera whose orientation keeps changing every frame ??


Do you want an axis-aligned bounding box (AKA AABB) or just a plain bounding box?

Actually, I’m not quite sure what you mean by a camera bounding box. I’ll assume that you have in your program some kind of a data structure that actually defines a camera “object” with given dimensions, as opposed to the interpretation of a “camera” in computer graphics as simply a point and a vector. Stimmt das?

Hi Omaha !

I want to create an axis aligned bounding box. Every frame, Cam’s-XYZ , LookAt’s-XYZ & Up-Vector keeps changing.

Also, how can one create a quaternion from the current camera orientation ?