Create a multi-views to see 4 projections

In a SDI or MDI project,how to create multiple views to browse my 3d object at 4 projections :XY,XZ,ZY,ISO?Could you please teach me ?Where can I find the samples code ?thank you

Sounds like you are writing a CAD application. Simplest way is to create 4 views, use gluLookAt to change the eye position to be looking down x, y, z axes (positive or negative). For isometric not sure of the exact angles but I believe a 45 degree rotation about the y axis and 30 up rotation about the x axis will probably work for your eye position.

is a new Tutorial, which Describes Multiple Viewports

If you’re using MFC, I guess you can use the CSplitterWnd class.

Or maybe you can just create one big view, and split the OpenGL viewport up,
so it looks like multiple views.

Thanks for all your useful help and I am trying it and getting it.Thank you very much.

The source distribution of GLFW has a simple demonstration of just that (four views, using four viewports/scissor areas in the same GL context/window).