crashing and bugs and such

i don’t know whether this is a problem with visual c++ or opengl or glut, but when my program crashes due to my stupid logic errors, and i change my program to fix it, the only way i can make it run is to restart my computer. i do not wish to do this every single time i run my program. does anybody know what this stems from or possible how to fix it?


We need more information, code, error messages, what are you doing?, hardware, or something else.

it doesn’t do much. just put an empty transparteent window over my code as opposed to the solid window which should be there. and that’s all it does. this only happens when my program is going good for a bit, then crashes and i have to ctrl-alt-delete. the next time i run it, it does this. this has happened more than once, so it’s nothing specific with my code but something with one of the three componants listed above. thanks for your time…


You have driver issues with your video card probably. Im guessing when wglMakeCurrent(NULL, NULL) is not called, it’s getting pissed off.
The drivers for NT and 2000 (if you are on Windows) are usually much more stable than the home user OSs.
BTW, I had problems with nvidia card on win98. WinNT is super stable + great drivers for it.