crash after loading a lot of texture

i need to draw a lot of large image (for example 15000 pixels x 3700 pixels). For the moment, I cut the image in portion of 2048x3700 (gl_texture_rectangle_nv) . With my geforce 5950 ultra it works fine but with a quadro fx3400 (high end card !!!) it crash sometimes when I call the glcalllist(…) just after the bindtexture ! I don’t understand why an older nvidia don’t crash and a new card crash ? Is there a way to know if there is too much texture loaded ? is it better to cut texture in smaller size ? Is it normal that a crash occurs … it seems more logical to have a big framerate drop instead of a drop ?


Binding a texture should at most cause a GL error, but not an application crash. Are the two cards using the same driver version?