Cracking Up ... At least my plane is !

I need to texture a plane with two rectangular textures (one being fixed, the other dynamic). My current solution was to define two separate and adjacent planes.
Now the problem is that on ATI cards the join between the two planes is visible … a very feint gray line … NVidia cards don’t have this problem.
How do I cure this problem ? Obviously if a redefined it all to be a single plane then I shouldn’t get the problem but then how do I deal with the textures ?


Hi !

A assume you mean a quad here, a plane is infinite (unless you clip it) and you cannot put a texture on it, anyway, is it the quad that is visible between the textures or what ? so that the texture is not mapped all the way to the border of the quad or something like that ?


Apologies … terminolgy and tiredness … no it’s not a infinite plane just two rectangles that are create by GL_TRIANGLE_STRIPS.