Cpw, SOLIDCUBE appears to be a WIRECUBE.

Hi Jim,
Found something you might want to see while I was playing around with Primitives… The solid cube appears to be wire frame.

Here is my code (Nice and Simple):

cpwSetPrimitiveOpt( cpw, CPW_PRIMOPT_SIZE, 3.0f );
cpwDrawPrimitive( cpw, CPW_PRIM_3D_SOLIDCUBE );

Also, what is a TEAPOTAHEDRON??? It appears to look just like a SOLIDTEAPOT.

I’ll test this and get a fix in if needed. thanks! In response to your other question - follow the link to read some history…

case CPW_PRIM_3D_TEAPOTAHEDRON: /* http://www.sjbaker.org/teapot/ */
cpw_primitives_3d_teapot( 10, ctx->scale, GL_FILL );

The latest downloadable source has this fixed plus a number of other minor fixes too.