could i be getting more?


ive been developing my game for a couple months now, and recently been trying to get as much fps out of it as possible not that the main backend stuff is done.

the main thing ive been working on is the terrain, the game loads it from a file (look in default.cfg) and generates a heightmap for the tiles. each tile has a grid of 4x4 sepeerarte heights so that i can scale the amount being drawn (drag right mouse button to zoom in/out)

so, ive optimised as much. ive converteed the tiles being drawn into tristrips and am only drawing a certain amount of tiles using a cool method (which ive described on my site:

atm im just using tri-strips per tile, rather than the whole lengths in the scene (thats the next optimisation)

but is the fps and faces drawn (in the window’s title bar) about right? or could i really push it some more? (w/o going into asm)

anyways, i wouldnt try this on anything less than a geforce :] and thanks for any feedback: