Could anyone suggest me how to implement bullet detection

I am currently working on the first person shooter.
Everthing works fine…now comes to the stage that to implement bullet detection. As you guys know, thats impossible to turn 2D inputs into 3D coordinates. So, what could I do?
I have been searching on Google. I cant find any suitable web site for reference. I would be very appreciate if anyone could help me! Superb thanks!

Don’t cross-post.
Posting in the beginners forum was the better choice.

oh, sorry for that!
i am a newbie here, no more i promise!
by the way, do u have ay ideas?
thank you!

glBeginBulletDetection(bulletPos, bulletDir, bulletVel);
GLbool result = glEndBulletDetection();
if (result)

that’s one hot totti.

hahaha… knackered you are so evil…
(although I must admit this time you made me laught) hahaha

Totti: the basic answer and unseful answer -but the truth- is “That’s not an OpenGL related question”. The reason is because your question has to do with data algorithms and how you handle that data in your game engine. Google for “Collision Detection” and you can start giving yourself ideas. This algorithms do not have nothing to do with OpenGL commands but on data handling itself which is THEN used to call the correspoding gl commands.