Correct Texturing

I’m not that old in the OpenGL field but I want to know more about how to get correct S,T texcoords, for let’s say, continous objects ( no separate faces ). I’ll like to be able to have Plannar, Cylinfrical & Spherical Mapping.
A tutorial link for that will do.

Another thing : How About 3D Textures. I’ve understood that the q&r params are no to be used but for 3D texturing. How would this 3D texturing work and which is the effect of applying such a texture ( and the speed loss that comes with it ). From what i know, 3D texturing an object will be liek that object is carved out of that material. However i wonder weater the frame rate will dramatically decrease the Frame Rate.

Thanx for all relplies,
Clau ( I’m new and I want to learn more )

try this :