Coordinate Projection - Appropriate Values


This isn’t directly related to OpenGL so I thought it would be better posted here. It’s a more general question.

I have been messing about (outside of OpenGL) plotting coordinates using the projection formula found on wikipedia:-

It works fine… I am just not sure what I am supposed to use for appropriate values for ViewerPosition, CameraPosition and CameraRotation.

I AM NOT using normalised values…

For now I am working with a camerarotation of (0,0,0). I would like to create a scene all within a range of (-100, -100, -100) to (100, 100, 100). The scene is a cube shape.

When I set CameraPosition to (0, 0, 50) and ViewerPosition to (0, 0, -200)… all the shapes I draw have a inverted X value??? Also, the cube shapes become skewed lots.

What are recommended values for CameraPosition/ViewerPosition?

I am NOT using openGL and the formula I use to project my coordinates are based on WIKIs formula, NOT openGLs.

Any input would be appreciated.