I’m looking for a piece of terminology and I’m not sure if “hull convexity” or “set convexity” describes the idea…
I’m looking to implement a test in my program that checks if a particular geometric figure is (convex?), meaning that none of its edges penetrate any of the figure’s surfaces.
I know this is related to Poincare’s conjecture… the idea that an object could be filled with water because its internal space is continuous.
First, what would you call such a test in the world of computer graphics?
Second, can anyone point me to some documentation or tutorials, etc. which might help me to implement such a function?


I think the term you are looking for is simply non-self-intersecting. ‘Convex’ is an even tighter constraint than what you describe. For example, an hour glass satisfies your criteria (the surface does not penetrate itself), but it isn’t convex. Sorry, I can’t give you any good references to help you with your problem.