converting a vrml file data to use in OpenGL

i want to make a model of a factory shop floor wherei i have to make models of machines and carts in a factory shop floor.what i was wondering is that making the machines and carts and other things wud be much more easier if i make it in a 3d CAD package and convert it to a vrml file.the vrml (.wrl extension ) source code gives every data that can be used for OpenGL application.But i dont know how to go about with it.
it will be a great help if u guys can suggest as to how to go about with it and also if any utilities are there to convert a .wrl file into a .cpp file.
any other suggestions are also welcome.
waiting for ur help

One single answer : Deep Exploration from right hemisphere software !

Converts any 3D format (vrml among other ones) into a cpp file (even a .dws / .dsp VC++6 directly compilable application !).

It’s not free though.


Try to use 3d studio max import the model (vrml format)… then try to export to 3ds…
Try to use 3ds loader to load the 3ds model…
That will make the program run faster…

i hope i answer your ?..