any easy way to convert coordinates from [0 - 512]x[0 - 384] to those [-1 to 1]x[ -1 to 1] crap? cause my program generates the first ones and i need a way to convert before drawing stuff…

im new to using opengl so i am not sure… also… it is -1 to 1 right?

That’s what the transformation matrices are for.

One way to do it would be


Put that in your initialization code and tell me what you think
You can then directly specify your coordinates with glVertex*, without doing any further conversions. 0/0 is the top left, 512/384 the bottom right, just like the old days. 0 is nearest, 10 is maximum depth, so you can also use z buffering if you want to.

Ummm, how about [coordinate_x/512.0 - 1.0][coordinate_y/312.0 - 1.0]
I might have misunderstood what you want thought…