Console API?

Does anyone know how console developers handle graphics?

I assume PC developers use OpenGl/Direc3D

What about people like Nintendo? Do they develop their games on PC’s using OpenGl and some how port it to the machine of choice?

i wonder this too. I think the newer consoles have a form of API (Like xbox has DirectX). But i think the older ones forced the programmers to write thier own 3D API. Well, hell if I know. this is a big question Ive had for a while.

the dreamcast has winCE ( BLEAH! )

maybe they still develop on pc
then compile source code with the compiler for that machine

That seems very likely. How else would they get 3d models in if they couldn’t interface with a PC. If they can do this, this makes me think they code on a PC to start with. ut it’s still only a guess…

All consoles (to date) have their own low-level hardware interface functions. The DreamCast also happens to have WinCE/DirectX (though you dont HAVE to use it if you dont want to). The XBox will have DirectX AND OpenGL, and I dont know about the low-level hardware interface. The PS2 (which I’m working on) has Sony-created lowlevel libraries. You build nasty packets of raw data and send them to the machine. Of course its not that easy because you have to dictate through the IOP and you need to use The Emotion Engine (main CPU) and the two vector units (VU0 and VU1). The PlayStation (which I formerly worked on). Is similary but only has two processors, one for graphics and one for other stuff, the CPU and the GPU. I could probably rip through our sources and pull out an example but I dont think Sony would like me much after that Needless to say, its dozens of lines of cryptic code

BwB, could I get your email? I’d like to ask you a few questions because you actually have a job in the console business and it’s not really related to this topic.