I must say, as a new user to the OpenGL site, I am very confused. Seems like every way I turn, nothing works. First tried several locations to download utilities and libraries so I can create the header files for Microsoft Visual C++, nothing seems to work, one site I downloaded from said to execute the glut.dsw workspace, I did and the system said that it could not find thw workspace module that it needed, It was supposed to create the library routines, dll’s and copy to the appropriate place to use OpenGL. I then tried to access the routines from a site given and authored by Kamil Saykali. It stated to go to the web site, when I entered it, the system said “no site found with this name”!!! I then tried to download the ATI drivers for opengl for a Radian 3400 series graphics card, system said no data found!!! I am now wondering if all of the OpenGL “stuff” is for real or just a facade! If anybody can help, please let me know what I am doing wrong in many different scenarios. Thanks in advance, Sid Kraft

You are invited to peruse the OpenGL wiki, which is available from the menu above. The OpenGL SDK is also available from the main menu, as is a wealth of links to recommended books and tutorials, in addition to both OpenGL and GLUT specifications, man pages and downloads.

Have a look at the NeHe tutorials.

Also, you don’t really download drivers “for opengl” you just download the latest drivers for your graphics card. Try