confused about gluLookAt


I am trying to use gluLookAt with perspective projection to “view” a 2d array of square polygons of different colors that I have drawn. The problem is I can only see a few of these. I believe that I need to adjust the first 3 args to gluLookAt but am not sure if I need to adjust the others as well. I currently have:

gluLookAt(0, 0, 350, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0);

in my display function.

I read thru:

but am still confused about this.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Increasing viewangle will help,
heres some more complete camera code
that may help

float eyex, eyey, eyez;  // eye
 float near, far;         // near and far clipping distance
 float viewangle;         // vertical view angle in degrees
 float twist;             // rotation angle about the view axis

 int width, height;       // input canvas width and height

 // temp variables
 float upx, upy, upz;
 float aspect;
 float rx, ry, rz;

 aspect = (float)width/(float)height;
 gluPerspective(viewangle, aspect, near, far);
 rx = coix - eyex;
 ry = coiy - eyey;
 rz = coiz - eyez;
 if (rx != 0.0 | | rz != 0.0) {
     upx = 0.0; upy = 1.0; upz = 0.0;
 else {
     upx = 0.0; upy = 0.0; upz = -1.0;
 gluLookAt(eyex, eyey, eyez, coix, coiy, coiz, upx, upy, upz);
 glRotatef(twist, rx, ry, rz);