Configuring visual studio to run older versions of OpenGL (functional pipeline)

Hello everyone, I am currently trying to work through various textbooks with OpenGL programming and older versions of Edward Angel’s books (interactive computer graphics the top down approach, 2009) that’s pre shader days.

Those of you do personal side projects, how do you configure you programming setup? Do any of you still do the function pipeline from the old days for the sake of it?

Just create an OpenGL context with the Compatibility Profile (as opposed to the Core Profile) and you’ll have access to all the original OpenGL capability, pre- and post-shader days. NVIDIA in particular provides solid OpenGL Compatibility Profile support. Then you can update your code for newer OpenGL techniques as a learning exercise, without changing anything about your GL context creation at all. Or intermixing code that uses older and newer techniques side-by-side, or even within the same draw call (e.g. GL client arrays geometry feeding GLSL shaders, etc.)