Configure view3ds

I try to configure the program “view3ds” by the command “./configure”.
Then it runs and stops at the message:

checking GL… no
checking Mesa… no
checking Mesa with pthreads… no
configure: error: Cannot find OpenGL

However, I have installed the glu and glut library

please help…


The configure script is probably too old to be looking for Mesa.
It should be looking for GL.

Since it is difficult to change the configure script I would recommend trying to create symbolic links using:

ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Hope it works

just care to not overwrite libGL !!!

i just wanted to know something (if you could)

what’s the programm view3Ds ? it seems to interrest me. is it a GPL programm ?
where can i find it ?
just reply me at

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