Compute shader unresponsive

I’m working with a compute shader and using a shadowMap to read from. However when ever I try and read from the shadowmap the shader stops working but I get no errors.

To clarify my shader is calculating the shadowing of points. It returns the points just fine as long as I don’t read from my shadowmap but simply light them based on my lightsource. When I try to add in my shadowing by reading from the shadowmap however it stops. The last value that was returned by the shader stays in the buffer and image I use to store the information but nothing changes. I get no errors, not when compiling/linking the shader or when calling gl_DispatchCompute().

All my other textures work correctly and I have another (fragment) shader that uses the same shadowmap without this issue.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Heard of anything similar before?

(Edit: I have checked to make sure that I set the texture for the shader and send it down to the shader using the same calls as used for the fragment shader.)

Issue has been resolved. It turns out I was binding my images incorrectly and ending up with conflicts between my shadow map texture and two images I was using.