complex object modeling

I have heard that one can draw some complex shape such that helicopter , dinasuar etc via some software like autocad . It genrates a file which gives us the correspoonding mesh points of that object . All i need is to get the points without modeling it on a paper myself.
If it is via autocad than how to go about it
Can it be done via adobe photoshop or some other software

Secondly , i also require the texture co-ordintate to be generated

What you need is a 3D modeler such as 3D Studio Max or Maya… except that both of these are extremely expensive! You can find some shareware modelers on the Web but I don’t have any names to give you. If you’re looking for one you should check in the feature list if it can export data into a parsable file (ASCII or at least documented binary). Now that I think of it, I think Blender could satisfy your needs. You should check.

Put these keywords into your favourite
software seach engine (say, google, or just
the search field on polycount).



MilkShape is probably especially useful for
you, because it comes with a library you can
link with to load MilkShape models, no extra
programming required on your part.

I use 3D EXPLORER for quick demos, cos it outputs gl C source code