Complete Newbie -- please help

I have basic coding skills, learned to code in Ada and Pascal … just starting to get into C / C++ … and want to do some OpenGL … simple stuff to start learning … anyway … i am new to all this and am at a complete loss to comprehend the differences between OpenGL programming in C and C++ … (side note: in coding for RH Linux 7.1)

now as far as i understand it, there are different windowing commands for windows and Xwindows … but im even more confused with the differences between OpenGL in C and C++ … i want to use C in Xwindows … I have OpenGL superbible book … but i dont know if this is specific to windows and C++ … i guess my major questions are … how do i tell the difference … and what do i need to learn OpenGL in C for Linux … some please help … im soo lost … but its prob just me … if anyone can answer my questions or point me in the right direction … it would be much appreciated

thank you very much for your help and time,

-Eryk Furman

There is no difference in coding in C & C++ in relation to openGL. You can tell what is an openGL function quite easily by its prefix:

gl…() : the functions prefixed with gl can be found in the GL/gl.h header. These include glVertex3f(), glColor3f …

glu…() : These are the functions found in the GL/glu.h header. They are built upon openGL to add extra higher level functions. They include gluLookAt(), gluNurbs… etc

if you are not using glut (by the sounds of it you wont) ingnore all commands prefixed with glut.

The only real things that windows/xlib/or glut would be used for are :

*user input - keyboard, mouse etc
*display and reshape callbacks
*swapping the buffers in double buffering mode.

All of a sudden the cloud lifts, thank you

so the only thing i think initially i dont have a refference point to study from is for the three points you mentioned and most imediatly i would guess would be the display and reshap callbacks … although i will get to the point of wanting to incorporate all 3 fairly quickly …

is there any good basic tuts on these topics specific to linux on the web that you might recommend? Do you have any opinion on the book : OpenGL Programming for the X-Window System?

Once again, Thank you for your help,