Compiling problem

Hey all,

I got this small problem with compiling OpenGL source code. You see, when I first started learning OGL I was using v3.6 on Visual C++ .NET 2003. It was all good until I started getting into input, in which functions like glutSpecialUpFunc or glutIgnoreKeyRepeat did not work. Someone said I should upgrade to the latest version(3.7.6), so I did. However, now I can’t compile any openGL code at all, it just gives me LNK2019 errors now. I change the glut.h and glut32.lib back to versions 3.6, and they work, but like I said, the functions I want do not compile. I change them to 3.7.6, and they still won’t compile at all. I don’t know what to do now. I’m totally lost.

Any help or advice on what to do would be appreciated.