Compiling Error using DirectX8.0 SDK with C++Builder

I want to implement direct imput and others functions of DirectX 8.0 SDK using the C++ Builder Compiler, but the problem resids in a Compiler error at the lib linking time. (linking the dxguid.lib and dinput8.lib:
“[Linking Error]'C:…\DXGUID.LIB’contains invalid OMF record,type 0x21(possibly COFF)”
“[Linking Error]'C:…\DINPUT8.LIB’contains invalid OMF record,type 0x21(possibly COFF)”
Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? . My Compiler version is 5.0.
I think that the problem occurs because the V 8.0 of directX, Does exist any solution for updating (free update) my Compiler at this time?


Visual Studio doesn’t produce .lib files that are compatible with Borland products. There is some sort of convertor (never used it, just heard about it) that might be able to take that .lib and make it work with your compiler.

In the future you should post these types of questions in either a DirectX message board or a C++ Builder message board. You can also try using Google ( which should find the solution pretty quickly since this question has been asked many times before.

Boy, are you ever in the wrong place. This is an OpenGL forum, and has nothing whatsoever to do with DirectX.

Hint: try Google in future. The first English search result seems to answer this question perfectly adequately -

Sorry if this sounds a bit abrupt, but asking DirectX questions here is a bit like asking Windows questions in a Linux forum.

Hey MikeC,

Most peoples apps do more than just graphics!!!


You need to use implib.exe to create your BCB compatible libs.


True, most people’s apps do more than graphics, and that is why there are more than just graphics forums, so people can ask their question in the appropriate place!

Now there is a concept.


Thanks to the contributors… and sorry for upsetting the others.