So what is the most common compiler people are using do compile their openGL apps? I still have Borland 3.1, should I / do I have to upgrade? It sounds like it would help to spend $100 on Borland 5.0 (or 5.2)…anway, just wanted to know what kind of compilers are popular. Thanks . =)

As far as the compiler goes, I figure the most common used is really platform dependent. On Windows, MSVC++ is by far the most used. On Linux, you have the GNU tools (which are also available for Windows but not as widely used). If you want to upgrade your Borland compiler and keep $100, just download the free Borland 5.0 compiler. It’s just the compiler, no IDE. But if you have the IDE for 3.1, you should be able to configure it to use the 5.0 compiler. Else you could download and use one of the many available freeware IDE’s with it. But if you just really want to burn $100 (maybe more), I’d go for MSVC++ 6.0, its easily the best compiler and IDE I’ve ever used for Windows.

Thanks. I’ll go ahead and download 5.0. I assume it’s at the Borland website, but if not, well, i’ll find it. I’ll take a look into MSVC++, ive heard ALOT about it… So i guess it IS worth the money.

I looked, and VC++ standard is $110, however if you have a student ID and you can find a store that carries the “academic price” version, then you can get it for $45. I got my VC++ for the “academic price” at a local store in my city.

$45??? If I could find it I’d buy it, unfortunately, I’m stuck with ordering online. Can I still get the academic price online? (doubt it though)…

oh, and what did you mean by “student ID”… Are you talking about , for example, a high school ID card? or are you talking about the kind a librarian, or a school teacher would have…?

I believe he means college or university student id. I got the professional edition of MSVC++ 6.0 at academic price with my university id a couple years ago for around $99, but I could only get it at the campus book store, and you know how they like to squeeze blood from turnips.

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if you need a good place for acedemic software.

(it’s cheaper than my colledge bookstore)