Compile Problem

When I compile an OpenGL project that uses GLUT I get the error that the file ‘OpenGl32.dll’ is not valid or corrupt. I use win2k and the opengl32.lib and opengl32.dll from Microsoft.

Any Ideas what to do??


Hi !

You can’t get that message when you compile the application, only when you run, if get an error message when you compile it would be regarding the opengl32.lib file, is that what we are talking about here, or is the problem when you run the application ?


Thanks for your reply. I would agree to you. But the (german) compiler says:
‘D:\CODING\OPENGL\opengl32.dll : fatal error LNK1136: Ungueltige oder beschaedigte Datei’.

That means:
‘D:\CODING\OPENGL\opengl32.dll : fatal error LNK1136: invalid or corrupt file’

Any ideas??

What compiler are you using?

It sounds as if you are “linking” with opengl32.dll (specifying it as a link object)? You only need to specify opengl32.lib

I’m actually having the same error, but I was originally trying to link glu32.lib and opengl32.lib under the Settings, Link tab. My linker (in VC++ 6) says “GLU32.LIB : fatal error LNK1136: invalid or corrupt file”. The same thing happens when I try to link glaux.lib. My concern is that this is the second install of VC++ 6, a completely different set of disks I got from somewhere else. Does VC++ have a problem with corrupt files? Can I go somewhere online and just download a working copy of these lib files?