compile error

when I compile my code i get GLU32.DLL access violation - unhandled exception

how can i sort this out


Are you using a Borland compiler ?
I ask because I have met such problems
with Borland C++ 5.0. So if you use a Borland
compiler, it is probable that the unique solution to your problem will be to switch to Visual C++ or to Linux.

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I’m actually using VC++ 6

You get this error when you compile, or when you run it? Is it a message that shows up in the debug window, or does it generate a page fault dialog. If it actually is one that crashes your app when you run it, I’d take a close look at everything you are passing to glu functions to make sure you aren’t giving any of them invalid memory addresses for anything.

actually the problem was, I was trying to use a texture map which I hadn’t saved in the right place and that caused the program to crash at run-time