Common/Common-Lite Query Mechanism?

How does an application determine if it is running on a platform that supports the Common or the Common-Lite profile?

In some of the slide presentations there is mention of another family of profiles (“Safety”, somthing or another). Are there any details available on these profiles?

You can test statically for the defines GL_VERSION_ES_CM_x_y or GL_VERSION_ES_CL_x_y, where x and y are the major and minor version numbers. To test at run time, you use glGetString(GL_VERSION) which returns a string of the form “OpenGL ES-XX x.y” where XX is either CM or CL and x and y are again the version numbers.
The difference in the two profiles is that CM includes floating point functions, in addition to the CL profile.

Please have a look at the spec to see for more details.

The safety profile is still under development. I’m afraid nothing more can be said at this moment. If you are interested in contributing to the spec, you can become a member of Khronos.

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