Command line tool?


I have been looking for a Windows command line tool to access OpenGL functions.
The only one I’ve found is called “glv - An OpenGL 3D data viewer for the UNIX command line.” However, the project page for glv seems to be dead and it cannot be downloaded.

Does anyone know of any tools that can accomplish this?

What exaclty are you trying to achieve? Just calling a random OpenGL function won`t produce anything meaningful.
To actually see it do something, you have to call multiple functions in the right sequence.

I’m trying to get more detailed graphics card information. I can use WMIC, but it doesn’t provide things such as the max supported texture size.

Okay. Next question: what OS are you targeting? In case it`s Windows, here is a working example that you can extend as you wish to retrieve the info you need.
At the bottom of that page there is also a link leading to a similar example for Linux.