Combining GLSL with OpenGl


I am working to implement a technique, which reconstructs visible position seen by the camera from the depth buffer. I am having an issue in the sense that I am unable to use the texture coordinates and depth buffer together to reverse my way back to world coordinates.

Everywhere I have seen, I would need texture coordinates and I am having trouble accessing that on my program as there are GLSL commands needed for it to be recognized by OpenGl and Visual Studio 2017. How can I incorporate GLSL into Visual Studio? What packages do I need to include in my visual studio program? Thank you for your help and time

GLSL doesn’t involve the development environment. GLSL support is provided by the OpenGL API. The primary functions are glCreateShader, glShaderSource, glCompileShader, glCreateProgram, glAttachShader, glLinkProgram and glUseProgram. Look for a tutorial which uses those functions.

Also, it’s not strictly necessary to use texture coordinates; you can use gl_FragCoord.xy in combination with the depth value to obtain 3D window-space coordinates.


I was given a shader.cpp file to use. I don’t know how I can use values from there to incorporate into my program. Would you mind please giving me an example code as to how I can use texture coordinates or gl_FragCoord.xy so I can try to implement my program? This part is the only piece of the puzzle, which I am unable to get.