Colors and Texturing


Is there a way to replace a color by another one without changing the image data. is there a function to replace the current color palette or to replace the white color (for exemple) by a red color ?


Not directly, but you could write a shader that does that for you.

A long time ago, i remember having done a world with a “bumpmap” (bitmap black/white). by using color3f(), the bumpmap was automatically changing to the color given in color3f().

I’m trying to do it again but with no succes :-(.
Is there a specific glEnable() to call or something to configure to do this ? (or maybe i’ve activated something which doen’t work with it ?)
(could it works with transparent .tga ?)

It is perhaps possible to fake it.

  1. draw the original texture
  2. draw a grayscale texture with alpha (for making out the things not to change) ontop of it that contains all the details to be changed, allso use glColor4f() to control the color.