Color staturation ...


When I add my specular lighting component there is always some issue with color saturation. On an uniform orange surface we clearly the problem with a yellow ring around the specular dot. Is they any method to present this effect ?

I tried to convert my color in the HSV space before I add the specular component … well, my resume were not that good, with some color shifting when I go back in the RGB space …


Use less saturated and dimmer specular.
Here for example, the specular color goes from white at the top, to orange at the bottom :

In all cases but colored metals, it is more realistic to have white or almost white specular :

Gold and copper are not easy to do.
If default color clamping does not suits you, it is also possible to scale down the color so that the brightest component (R G or B) is 255. A kind of color normalizing.

I was expected a method that allows to change the brightness of a color … Your first link shows the issue and I’m actually trying to solve it, not just skipping it.

Scale down the color seams a good idea but we have to do it for the whole image to make it right. Thank.

In fact this problem can be expressed as HDR tonemapping.
There are quite a lot of papers on the topic, please ask if you need more info.

Care to post a screen shot?

Has Grovounet said, my first link specular.jpg exhibits the same problem at the bottom rows.