collision with terrain

I’m using a 3ds model to load a terrain.
i had arranged all the face materials,
subfaces and vertexs in some new buffers,
so i can get the vertices of each triangles…
I try to use the convex method to check the position of the camera(x,z) with the vertices buffers…(to check the camera in which triangles)… then
i try to interpolate the camera(x,z) with the vertices which had found and get the y axis for the triangles, but it look
like not working and very slow…

Do u have any suggestion to solve this problem?

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i think rectangular approx could help you first, then you could get deeper. it’s what i do personnaly, and it’s quite correct.

Retangular approah??

Is it using GL_QUAD to apply the retangular?
so… take 4 vertexes to draw the retangular instead of 3 vertexes to draw the triangles…